Feb 10, 2013

No. 4 Folding Kodet, horizontal style

This week I have added a new camera to my collection: it is a very rare No. 4 Folding Kodet horizontal style. The No. 4 Folding Kodet cameras were made in two styles, a vertical and a horizontal one. The vertical I already had, so I was excited when I found the other model for sale on eBay. It is not in a good condition, but the camera is so rare that I would not let it pass. Only 2246 were made of both versions together.
The camera is mentioned in the 1895 to 1897 Kodak catalogs. It could be had with a simple achromatic lens for $ 12 and with a better Rapid Rectilinear lens, as in mine, for $ 17.50.
Like all No. 4 cameras made by Kodak, it took 4 x 5 inch pictures. The Kodets are primarily plate cameras, but roll holders were available. For this model it would cost another $ 10.

Since the previous blog I have been able to identify the aeroplane in the photograph. It is a Curtiss model D, with one canard (the little wing in front of the pilot), dating it to 1910. See one in action in the video below.

There have been some other interesting items at eBay, like the landmark Luzo camera. It most probably is the first camera that sported the front roll design, meaning that the feed and take up spools are located in the front of the camera and not behind the plane of the projected image. H.J. Redding patented this design on November 28, 1888 in England and produced the Luzo. Look here for excellent information about the Luzo.
The one on eBay sold for US $ 2400 after two bids.

A second interesting item is the original No. 3 Folding Pocket Kodak that sold for $ 368. Early No. 3 FPK's are seen often, but the real first model, with the full "Eastman Kodak Co." on the metal plate below the lenspanel and not just "Kodak". See my original model on my site.

The third collectible camera that was sold is a No. 4 Eureka. This camera was made in 1899 and only 4500 were produced. It is not really very rare but it is not often seen, so the price of $ 327 is appropriate. The No. 4 Eureka was renamed No. 4 Zenith for the British market, were the Eureka name was already in use. The Zenith is more rare because only 1000 were made.

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